“The weight of this disease, can really only be known by living with it or loving someone who does….and even then they will never really know”

My mission is to spread the word about diabetes — misunderstood by many as an easy disease. Too many do not know the complications, the physical and psychological damage that diabetics go through daily —let alone a lifetime.

My art is about taking diabetic awareness to the streets—to see it everyday.

As a friend's daughter, who passes my work on the way to school everyday, tells me, "She smiles and looks up at you, she thinks she’s in a secret club." I would like to say, that’s the only reason I do it. Knowing she may live her entire life as a diabetic destroys me. I pray it gets cured in her lifetime. 
It hasn’t in my life time.

Even with all the great advancements in diabetes—you still have to get insulin in your body and still monitor your blood sugar. So really nothing has changed since the advent of insulin. People under the very best of care—are still at risk of losing limbs and going blind. 

It is far from easy—to me and many others, it’s a living nightmare.